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Frozen Summer


Max is a 13-year-old math whiz who spends his free time working on equations, scientific experiments, and designing a secret project of his own. When his genius earns him early entry into a prestigious college, his mother worries that childhood is passing him by.

Grimm Reapers


As children, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm witnessed a werewolf murder their father. Never forgetting this heinous act, the brothers are determined to hunt down and destroy all mythical creatures. When the opportunity arises to travel the countryside posing as fairy-tale collectors, they jump at the chance to enact their revenge.

Tubby the Fat Clown


Tubby the Fat Clown, has little money, but a big appetite. He has begun to show up at children’s birthday parties to steal the cake. Children, finding this funny, have come to adore the fat clown. Parents, though they disapprove, have turned a blind-eye to Tubby’s antics.