It’s Time to Grow the Audience for Screenplays

There appears to be an imbalance in the screenwriting market. The amount of spec screenplays written each year is disproportionate with the amount of films being produced. Based on WGA estimates, between 30,000-50,000 spec screenplays are registered each year. Not every screenplay is registered with WGA, so the actual number of screenplays written each year very well could be north of 100,000. Yet, only 200 or so films are produced each year.

Writers spend many hours and pour a ton of creativity into their screenplay. The discipline to write can be a struggle. Getting through the second act may feel like torture. Writing dialogue often is dreadful. And, after overcoming these challenges, the screenwriter find herself with a very limited audience: uninterested movie executives, screenplay competition judges, and producers querying on Blacklist.

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